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Guangdong Institute of Eco-environmental Science & Technology (GDEST), founded in 1958 and formerly named as Guangdong Institute of Eco-environmental and Soil Sciences, is under the administration of Guangdong Academy of Sciences.  It is a leading research institution of China in the fields of pedology and edaphology focusing on the sciences of red soils and technology development for ecological and environmental protection.  The mission of GDEST is to study core research questions of soil sciences, with global perspective and regional focus, targeting fundamental research and technology development in the broad areas of studies on the constraint of soil resources and environmental issues upon sustainability of social-economic developments, on soil erosion, soil conservation and sustainability of soil ecosystems, on nutrient cycling in red soil and its environmental impact, and on biogeochemical cycling of heavy metals and soil pollution control.  Today, GDEST has a total of 167 full-time employees comprised by well-known research scientists, engineers and technicians.  Among them, four scientists have received national honors and recognitions, including one each from the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars Program, Outstanding Youth Scientist Program, The Oversea Thousand Youth Talent Program, and The Ten-Thousand Talents Program of The Central Organization Department.  DGEST also has five recipients of Distinguished Young Scholar Awards of Guangdong Science Foundation Program and six awardees of The Guangdong Special Support Program.  Among the research staff, eighteen members are on the special governmental allowance program, eighteen have senior professional titles (full professor level equivalent), twenty six have mid-level professional titles (associate professor equivalent), forty-two members hold Ph.D. degrees and fifty seven have earned master of science degrees.  Among its senior staff, four members are PhD graduate supervisors and four additional M.S. supervisors.  GDEST administrates and manages six different research units and platforms including Guangdong Key Laboratory of Integrated Agro-environmental Pollution Control and Management, Guangdong Public Laboratory for Environmental Sciences and Technology, National Engineering Laboratory of Soil Pollution Control and Remediation Technologies (NELSCRT) (joint establishment), Guangdong Provincial Engineering Center for Soil Remediation and Associated Facilities, Guangdong Provincial Engineering Center for Non-point Source Pollution Control, and Shaoguan Experimental Station for Heavy Metal Pollution and Farmland Remediation.  GDEST is the home of Guangdong Archive of Soil Specimens and Resources and Guangdong Museum of Soil Science.  It is the sponsor for The Guangdong Society of Soil Science and The Chinese Society of Environmental Resources and Ecological Conservation.  It is also the executive agency of The World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWC), and oversees the administrative office of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, one of the core research journals in the field of natural sciences in China.

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